From time to time I receive products to test and review. We got one each of the Tommee Tippee Transition First Sips cups, and Transition First Straw cups.

ttp-48052-1The First Sips Transition Cup is a quality product marked as being for use of babies four months and older. I’m pleased with how genuinely spill proof it is, as my daughter is pretty rough with it on times. The construction of the overall cup and lid are rugged. The handles didn’t seem entirely sturdy to me on first impression but so far are holding up well. If you get this cup, be careful cleaning and re-assembling the parts, I found if you aren’t paying attention it can be easy to cross thread the lid on the cup! But I’m very pleased with the product overall. One thing I would mention is that my little girl is teething (working on her very first teeth) and at times the spout, although soft, is still a bit too hard for her to drink from when her gums are bothering her. Other than that it’s great.

ptruca1-20620275dtThe First Straw cup is the one I like best out of the two. Our girl is now 6 months old, the age these are recommended for. We let her experiment with it for several minutes at a time, all of three times before she figured out how to use it…I was impressed by that! There are some downsides to this cup, however. One, is that it is prone to leaking a little from the straw while open, if tipped upside down. We’re just using water in the cup so it’s not a major issue for us. Another downside is that the ‘switch’ that hides the straw and closes the cup will hit your baby’s nose unless the cup is tilted to one side when drinking. Other than that it’s a good little cup and pretty easy for a baby to get the hang of using.

I received these items complementary from Tommee Tippee and Influenster, in exchange for my honest feedback and unbiased review.