My impression of Timothy’s Breakfast blend came from a sample that was included with our Keurig. And I’m glad it was a sample. I was disappointed by this coffee. I’d been expecting some excellent quality and rich flavour, but instead I got…murky swamp water. Though that was partly the Keurig’s fault.

After the novelty of the Keurig wore off, I started realising that there’s more hype to it than actual quality product. In no time at all every cup was coming out murky and foamy. No amount of cleaning would remedy that problem, or the ‘off’ taste that ended up on everything. The model I’m talking about was the K500. Upon inspection we found out this thing has oodles of plastic tubing that the water would feed through, and that’s a big part of the problem.

Our Hamilton Beech single cup brewer (which can also take K-Cups) is so much better because it’s a fairly direct drip from the water chamber to the filter, and then the cup. And that coffee maker is far cheaper on the market…so that’s my recommendation there. And, I can’t recommend Timothy’s Breakfast blend either, for anyone who’s got my palette, anyhow. But I’ll admit I like a bold, strong coffee…and sweet varieties. This blend was touted as being ‘sweet’, and ‘smooth’, but I just didn’t find it to be either of those things…just lacking in flavour and unimpressive.

Bottom line: Don’t like strong coffee? This may be a blend for you.


So I was rummaging through my coffee and tea cupboard and discovered another K-Cup of this coffee. While at first I was like ‘ugh…more of this?!’, I also thought, hey this is actually good. I can give it a test run in the Hamilton Beech brewer and see if it’s any better, sans Keurig. My second impression is very different from the first, but I still don’t like this blend and will not buy it.

Firstly, it did brew much clearer than in the Keurig. That problem was solely the Keurig’s. The aroma of this blend as it was brewing was unappealing to me, but I proceeded…with caution. By which I mean I added a lot of milk and sugar to my cup. This time there was more flavour…woohoo! While that did improve the experience, I still found this blend to be terribly bitter and it had an almost…I don’t know…cigarette butt taste to it.

Final bottom line: The Hamilton Beech brewer did a better job brewing this coffee, and delivered more flavour, but it’s still bad, and definitely not ‘sweet’ or ‘mellow’. This is kind of like bad truck stop coffee. I can see my step-dad liking this one. Not someone with a sensitive palette.