99388It’s been a while since I first discovered that I do actually like tea. And lately I’ve been enjoying trying different brands and flavours, finding new things that I like. For example, I now know that I prefer teas in the black tea family. The ‘Breakfast’, ‘Orange Pekoe’, ‘Earl Grey’, type of tea. I still do like to experiment with other varieties as well, but black is the classic ‘staple’ tea for a reason. I am by no means a tea expert or ‘tea snob’, I’m just sharing what I’m enjoying.

Recently I’ve begun trying Tetley’s version of Earl Grey. I’m finding it mellow, pleasant, and very enjoyable. After some experimenting I’ve found I prefer to let it steep for a lot longer than the three to five minutes given on the package. I like to get as much full flavour out of it as possible…and often leave the bag in my cup until I’ve nearly finished drinking it.

I prefer it sweetened with sugar. I know some prefer honey, but that’s one flavour I just don’t enjoy in my own tea or coffee at all. And then there’s the lemon recommendation. Personally I find this Earl Grey ‘lemony’ enough on it’s own. If you love a strong lemon flavour, feel free to give that a try, but I personally prefer the lemon note to be a little more muted.

So to sum up, I’m enjoying this tea, and would recommend Tetley Earl Grey, if you enjoy an orange pekoe with a zesty hint of lemon.