50334904I tried all three products in the Brilliant Brunette line of the ‘Visibly Brighter’ variety. There’s a shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in treatment for home use in the shower. So what were my thoughts?

Shampoo and conditioner: I used both the shampoo and conditioner for a few showers before trying the leave-in treatment. The shampoo is an interesting colour…a glittery looking brown. It smells great, but doesn’t lather up a whole lot. You can definitely tell there’s colouring agent in the formula, as it really shows up in the rinse.

The conditioner doesn’t have nearly the same amount of dye in it, working pretty much like any other conditioner. Once again, it smells nice, and the smell is actually my favourite part in the end. They are quality products and left my hair feeling soft and looking nice. I did not notice much (if any) colour enhancement, however, even given the obvious amount of dye in the shampoo. I guess it just didn’t stick to me.

Leave-in Treatment: I wasn’t sure what I was in for with the leave-in treatment. The packaging on these products suggested that for ‘subtle brightening’ just the shampoo and conditioner were needed, but the leave-in treatment would be a more dramatic difference. I cracked open the container, and as I was applying it I was almost overwhelmed by the strong, chemical scent – I think the fact that the shower was a very warm, enclosed space just amplified that smell. Anyhow I applied the full contents of the container, and waited several minutes before rinsing. I started to wonder if I was going to be blonde when my hair dried.

In the end, I noticed what I would describe as a subtle brightening from the leave-in treatment. Something like how summer sunlight lightens your hair…but just a bit. It wasn’t very noticeable at all. Would I buy this product? Probably not. Would I recommend it? Only if you really want to ‘enhance’ your colour in a very, very subtle way. I’m still using the shampoo and conditioner, but once they are gone, I’ll return to regular shampoos and conditioners.


I received these products for free from John Frieda through Influenster in exchange for testing them and giving honest feedback and an unbiased review.