This tea came as a gift from my brother. While I’m more keen on black tea, I do enjoy trying new flavours. Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry is a pleasant, sweet herbal tea. It’s caffeine free, smells lovely, steeps to a very pretty shade of purple, and has a very fresh, warm, lively flavour.

True Blueberry’s ingredients include hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel, natural blueberry flavor with other natural flavors, blackberry leaves, wild blueberries and blueberry leaves.

We’ve tried it steeped in a teapot, as well as just the usual steeping in the cup. While it’s not something I can picture drinking with meals, it does make a nice treat to have by itself – it’s not an ‘every day’ kind of tea. While it’s already fairly sweet, I sweeten it with a bit of sugar.

If you like herbal teas, berry flavours, and sweet tea, this one might be worth a try to you.