Having had a very positive experience with Twinings’ English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, and Pomegranate & Raspberry teas, I was looking forward to trying their Earl Grey. I learned my lesson with the English Breakfast that milk is in most cases not necessary to me, and can actually ruin a good cup of tea, so I made sure to drink it clear. I do sweeten it with some sugar.

The flavour is as marked on the package ‘light’. As I prefer stronger flavor, I let my cup steep until mostly cooled, and I found it delicious. The lemon aspect is more pronounced in this blend than in Tetley’s version. It’s the main thing you can smell, and a dominant flavour when tasted. Twinings’ blend of Earl Grey has a simple ingredient list. Black tea and bergamot flavouring.

Earl Grey is a variety I enjoy with meals, mostly with supper. Follow the recommended steep time of 3-5 minutes if you prefer your tea quite mild. If your preference is on the stronger end of the spectrum, you may want to experiment a little with your steeping time to get the most out of it. When I have Earl Grey now, I tend to leave the bag in the cup right until the end.

Bottom Line: I very much enjoy this version of Earl Grey, and would recommend it. I’ve also served it to guests.