99367I’m a mom. I have a 6 month old. Sleep is precious to me. I first tried Tetley’s Dream Chamomile Lemon as an experiment to see if it would indeed help me wind down and get to sleep faster.

Usually my brain is buzzing and it takes me a long time to finally fall asleep. So I was quite surprised that I was not only sleepy, but downright dozy, before I’d finished drinking one cup. I fell asleep far more quickly than usual and kept that sleepiness even when the baby woke me and I tended to her. Usually, her waking me makes me lose all sleepiness and then it takes a long time to finally sleep again. This night, I fell asleep each time fairly quickly and was well rested in the morning. I wondered if I was experiencing a placebo effect, and tried the tea again the next night. The second night was similar.

The third night, I skipped the tea. And regretted it the next morning. I did not sleep well at all. So for effectiveness, I give this tea an A+. For taste, however, I have a small quibble. Namely, I don’t love the licorice in this blend. For someone who likes licorice, this will be a warm treat. For me, however, it nearly ruins the taste, purely because I hate licorice with a passion.

I am going to continue with the rest of this can of tea, however. I remain undecided as to whether I’d buy it again. We’ll see if the licorice can manage to grow on me.