999999-55000008815_1As far as instant coffees go, this one has ended up being one of my preferred ones. This post is about the Original blend. I’ll post about some of the Nescafe flavours in the future.

I tried this one when I couldn’t find my favourite Hazelnut flavour, or my next favourite, French Vanilla. I thought, well I like those two flavours from this brand, let’s try the original.

There’s been a longstanding debate over whether instant coffee is ‘any good’. I can remember these conversations even growing up. Some people argue that only peculated coffee is any good and dismiss all instant coffee instantly (pun intended) as garbage. I personally beg to differ. I’ve had lots of instant coffee that isn’t good, sure, but that’s the case with perc coffee too. Maybe I’m just picky. That’s actually the more likely thing. I am picky.

Anyhow, I found the original blend of Nescafe Rich a suitable temporary replacement for my other preferred flavours. As far as instant coffees go, this one is average. It’s not really exciting. It’s not enjoyable black (for me), but it’s decent with milk and sugar. So while I will buy it in a pinch, some of Nescafe’s flavoured coffees are far, far better.