Tetley has a new range of three ‘Balance’ teas. I’m in the process of trying all three of these teas and I’ll write reviews as I go. First, we’ll start with the Vigour (Kapha) variety.

Personally, I don’t give much for the whole ‘Ayurvedic’ thing, I really feel like this is some seriously gimmicky marketing taking advantage of the popularity of the New Age and Eastern Mysticism movements. I’m also going to be quite blunt and say I have zero interest in those movements and I don’t support them. To me, it’s not a selling point at all. These could’ve been packaged as any regular herbal tea and I would try it. I’m trying these because…tea.

Anyhow, since I want to talk about the tea itself, I’ll get right into it. The Vigour/Kapha variety is supposed to be an energising blend and it’s ingredients include ginger root, tulsi, peppermint, spearmint, clove, turmeric, and cumin. You can tell from the ingredients listed that it’s a somewhat spicy blend. I allowed my first cup to steep for too long and found out in a bad way how spicy it is. My second cup I only allowed to steep for a few minutes, and it was more enjoyable.

The ginger in this blend is, for my own preferences, way too strong. I would’ve liked this tea far more had the spearmint and peppermint flavours been more noticeable. If you like ginger and lots of it, this may be for you. As for me…this just isn’t my cup of tea.