00055437607766_a1c1_enFinding a coffee (that isn’t flavoured) that I really enjoy can be quite a challenge. Trying Melitta’s 100% Colombian coffee was a surprisingly delicious experience. This was my first taste of this brand, and I’m definitely interested in trying more if I come across other varieties.

It has a lovely flavour. Usually, there will be something or other about a coffee that I don’t like…a little quirk somewhere in the flavour, be it an undertone, an aftertaste, or the overall richness of the flavour. This one didn’t have any of those little ‘quirks’. It suited my palette perfectly. This coffee is smooth and rich, and its aroma was very pleasant.

According to Melitta’s website: “we use only 100% high altitude Arabica coffee beans – the very best coffee beans in the world. They produce a denser coffee cherry, resulting in a smoother, more flavourful cup of coffee.” They say this is their secret, and it certainly does make for a very enjoyable cup of java!

Bottom line: Delicious, I do recommend.