I recently tested out three of the four products in the L’Oreal Hair Expertise Fibralogy line. Those products were the shampoo, conditioner, and the thickness booster. I haven’t tried the mask, so I can’t give an opinion on that product. What I do know is that mask can be used in place of the conditioner. I tried using the other three products as a three step routine, to see how well they worked and if they lived up to their claims.

Starting with the shampoo, which has a bit of a thinner consistency than most, and a mild but pleasant scent. It lathered up nicely and rinsed out well. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the shampoo by itself.

The thickness booster is meant to be applied, and left on, before using the conditioner. The thickness booster is clear and has somewhat of a thin consistency, I had to be careful applying it. You’re supposed to use a dime-sized amount and massage that in so it’ll cover all of your hair. L’Oreal recommends using the thickness booster once a week for regular use, or twice a week for intensive use.

Now, moving on to the third step. The conditioner was quite thick. I didn’t really notice much of a scent to it. It applied well, I didn’t find a huge amount of lather, and perhaps this was in combination with the thickness booster, but my hands slid really easily over my scalp and through my hair while I was using it, more so than I’ve noticed with most other conditioners.

Results? My hair is somewhat prone to frizz. That said, the first few hours after my hair had dried, the only real volume boost I was noticing was in the form of frizz. However, after those few hours and brushing my hair out a few times, it calmed down. I was so glad it calmed down like it did. And yes, my hair was indeed thicker. It didn’t just look a little bit thicker, I actually noticed as I pulled my hair into a ponytail that it felt thicker, too.

Do I recommend these products? Yes, but with a caveat. If you’re prone to build up issues and dandruff, be careful with these products and take extra time to rinse them out of your hair. Other than that, I think these could be very useful if you have thin hair and want a little extra volume without having to use all kinds of extra product after you shower.