If you like McDonald’s McCafe coffee, you can brew your own at home without having to go to a McDonald’s location. I tried the McCafe medium dark roast pods and I must say, it brews well and tastes exactly like what you get at McDonald’s.

McCafe’s medium dark roast is a pleasant brew. It’s got a lot going in the flavour department, but I wouldn’t enjoy it black. I favour mine with some sugar and a little more milk than I think most people would add. All told, it’s an enjoyable cup of coffee.

I’ve noticed lately more brands are making K-Cups that are compostable, and McCafe is now among them. This is obviously in response to consumer complaints about the massive amount of garbage the regular K-Cups were creating. So, if that was your issue with K-Cups, you can now find 100% compostable options. Inside the box, the pods are sealed in a foil pouch with foldable tabs to preserve freshness. These compostable pods do away with the bulk of the plastic regular K-Cups are made with, and so they look pretty small. They will fit and function in your machine just as well as the original K-Cup design, however, if you’re using a Keurig.

I have no problem with the coffee itself. The coffee is actually really good. My issue is with the K-Cups. I’ll explain why:

If you’re using another brand of coffee maker that supports K-Cup use, you’ll need to be careful. When I tried the first pod in our Hamilton Beach machine, the blade didn’t pierce the top quite well enough, and I ended up with boiled, slightly browned water in my mug instead of coffee. So, lesson learned. There’s an easy remedy for this issue: either manually poke a hole in the top before inserting the K-Cup, or cut it open and dump the grounds into your filter.

I think if I were to buy more, I’d grab a bag of grounds instead of more K-Cups. This is for a couple of reasons. I’m not using my Keurig machine anymore. I’m using another machine that supports K-Cup use. Since I’m actually cutting open the K-Cups now and dumping the grounds into the mesh filter in my brewer, there’s no real point to the K-Cup version of this coffee for me. Also, for the actual amount of coffee you’re getting, the K-Cups are still expensive. Even so, the pods are cheaper than repeatedly going to McDonald’s and buying cup after cup from the restaurant, and it’s more convenient to brew at home, as well.

Bottom line: If you like McCafe coffee, you’ll like this. And my personal recommendation would be bagged grounds, not K-Cups.