Let’s look at Wild Berry Zinger by Celestial Seasonings. In my experimenting with teas, I’m finding I really enjoy fruity and berry flavours. I really enjoy True Blueberry by the same brand, so it was natural to give this one a try. I’ve experimented with it in several ways, and here’s what I’ve observed:

You need to be careful how you steep this blend. If left to steep too long in a smaller amount of water (in my case, 8oz), some of this tea’s flavourings will show up too much and ruin it. I found this out the hard way, and for that cup, I felt like I was drinking hot Gatorade. When I switched to steeping in a 12oz mug it tasted much better. I tend to allow my teas to steep as long as possibleĀ because I like to get the most flavour possible out of each serving.

This blend is really good as ice tea, or even just prepared as a regular hot cup and left to cool completely. I’m usually not a fan of iced tea, but I was pleasantly surprised with how good this one was cold.

Though hibiscus is the first ingredient listed, it’s flavour blends well with the rest and doesn’t dominate or take away from the berry flavours.

Wild Berry Zinger’s ingredients are hibiscus, rosehips, roasted chicory, orange peel, blackberry leaves, natural flavours (black raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, cranberries, cherries, gum acacia, sugar), citric acid and natural flavours.

Bottom line: A very enjoyable herbal blend.