teatulia_16ctrs_black-website__69357-1469213387-500-750My favourite so far is the Black Tea by Teatulia. I didn’t realize what a treat I was in for when I took my first sip of this beautiful tea. I’m being completely serious when I say this is a top contender for the best tea I’ve ever tasted. No exaggeration. I can’t recommend this one enough.

This tea absolutely bursts with flavour and finishes with an excellent sweetness. Its aroma and mouth feel are delightful. It’s great on its own, or with food. I drank the pyramid bag version, but I’m planning on trying the loose leaf version soon.

Teatulia’s Black Tea is organic and grown in a single garden in Bangladesh. After trying it myself I can easily see why this one’s an award winner! It easily earned a spot on my favourites list, and a place in my cupboard.

You can find more information on this tea, and try it for yourself, by checking out Teatulia’s website.

Bottom line: Possibly the best tea I’ve tried. Highly recommend!

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