oolong-16cts-website__78542-1469218012-1280-1280Oolong tea has yet to really win me over, but that’s just because of my personal preferences. An Oolong tea’s flavour falls somewhere between black and green. I have yet to develop a real appreciation for green teas, really. Even though it’s not my favourite, I did find enjoyment in this Oolong by Teatulia.

Teatulia’s Oolong steeps to a pretty golden colour and has an interesting aroma with a hint of sweetness. There’s also some of a floral scent.

When tasting I did pick up on the slight lemon note. I’m still learning how to identify flavours in teas. Some cups, like this one, have a complexity that I can’t quite tease a lot of individual flavours out of. Once again I must say that even though typically Oolong is not my favourite type of tea, I did thoroughly enjoy this cup.

Once again I availed of the pyramid bag format. Even though I’ve only been using this type of bag for about a month, I’ve determined they are indeed better than the classic paper bag for allowing flavour to escape. Even so, Teatulia does offer many of their teas in a classic bag format as well as in pyramid bag and loose leaf, so whichever method you prefer, in many cases it’s there for you.

Bottom line: If you like Oolong, you’ll like this. A full, complex flavour.

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