energygreen_3d_hr_compressor__28698-1439576680-1280-1280Teatulia has a trio of energy teas available: Green, Red, and Black. I haven’t tried any sort of energy tea before so this concept was intriguing to me. I tried all three of them and will share my thoughts.

I was expecting this Green one to have a much more chlorophyll taste that it did, which to me, was great. That flavour is what puts me off most green teas that aren’t otherwise flavoured or blended with other ingredients. It has a light aroma that smells a bit tropical – coconut and pineapple hints.

I allow this tea to steep a little longer than the recommended 3 to 4 minutres. It tastes just a little bit bitter on its own, but pretty mild and pleasant when sweetened with a touch of sugar. I drank this in the afternoon, around 3pm, and I did notice a definite pick up effect from this tea that offset the usual sluggishness I can feel (and have to fight against) leading up to suppertime.

Energy Green’s ingredients are green tea, eleuthero root, natural flavours, Stevia, citric acid, vitamin C, and matcha. It boasts several benefits including supporting stamina & endurance, boosting performance & recovery, hydrating & refreshing, containing natural antioxidants, no sugar, zero calories, and having no artificial colours or flavours. This tea also has 62% less caffeine than coffee. Teatulia carries this tea on their website here in a canister of 30 round teabags.

Bottom line: A pleasant green tea that offers a boost of energy without all the caffeine of coffee.


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