Teatulia has a trio of energy teas available: Green, Red, and Black. I haven’t tried any sort of energy tea before trying these three, so this concept was intriguing to me. I’ll share thoughts on all three.

Energy Black is a black tea with a very distinctive flavour. The aroma is a little stronger on this one than the other two. The flavour was unlike any other black tea I’ve had before, no doubt attributed to this tea’s other ingredients. It does have a familiar and recognisable hint of spice, and of ginger and orange peel. It tastes somewhat malty. I sweetened it with sugar. I drank this in the afternoon, around 2:30 pm, and again, as with the red and green, I did feel a definite energy lift.

Energy Black’s ingredients are black tea, green tea, yerba mate, guayusa, ginger, eleuthero root, Vitamin C, citric acid, Stevia, monk fruit, and natural flavors.

Like the green and red varieties, it boasts several benefits including supporting stamina & endurance, boosting performance & recovery, hydrating & refreshing, containing natural antioxidants, no sugar, zero calories, and having no artificial colours or flavours. This tea contains 72% less caffeine than coffee. Teatulia carries this tea on their website here in a canister of 30 round tea bags.

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