Cherry Blossom by DAVIDsTEA is classified as a white tea, but also contains green tea. The aroma of this tea was surprising! It smells so fresh and sweet. It also has a sweet, fruity and floral taste, owing to the cherries, coconut chips and rosebuds in the blend. The aroma and flavour do differ, however, so don’t expect this one to taste exactly like it smells. 

I gave this tea plenty of time to steep to enjoy the fullness of its complex flavour. I enjoyed this tea hot, but it can also work well as an iced tea. If you prefer a little more sweetness, don’t be afraid to add some sugar.

Cherry Blossom’s ingredients are white tea, green tea, cherries, coconut chips, rosebuds, natural and artificial cherry flavouring

Bottom line: Complex, pleasant and full of flavour. An interesting and tasty white tea.