My favourite perfumes tend to be those with fruity notes. I tried Cool Water by Davidoff first by taking advantage of a tester at a drugstore. I spritzed some on my wrist because I wanted to see how it worked with my personal chemistry and how the scent changed over time – you just can’t get the full picture of how a scent will work for you by spraying a paper card.

I didn’t love the first impression. It was citrusy and a little bit floral. It didn’t seem much different from so many of the other fragrances out there. I left the store feeling pretty blase about the scent, certainly not feeling like I wanted a bottle.

As the evening wore on, I took a whiff every now and then to see if the middle or base notes would change my mind. They did. With each check, I was finding myself liking this scent more and more, pleasantly surprised by the floral middle notes with their hint of honey, and more so by the fruity base notes. There are a lot of notes in this scent. At the first impression, it’s just too much and they don’t all harmonise, but once those top notes fade, the rest get to shine.  I ended up buying a bottle of this fragrance in eau to toilette form.

Cool Water Woman’s top notes are citrus, honeydew melon, quince, pineapple, lotus and lily. Middle notes are honey, hawthorn, jasmine, lily of the valley, Muguet and rose. Base notes are musk, vanilla, peach, sandalwood, blackberry, raspberry, orris and vetiver.