I’ve tried several brands’ interpretation of Earl Grey. All of the brands I’ve tried are basically the same – black tea with bergamot oil/flavouring. Except for this one. I got a surprise when I tasted this one. The slight difference in the aroma should have alerted me (as should the ingredients list on the packet of the sachet I used). This Earl Grey takes a different turn flavour wise because of the cornflower petals in the blend.

My first impression may have been more influenced by what I expected versus what I actually tasted. I didn’t really enjoy my first cup of this Earl Grey. Though I was paying close attention to the flavours each sip. I kept the sachet and reused it. I enjoyed the second cup much better than the first.

I think I allowed the first cup to steep for too long. The difference between the first and second cup was dramatic. My opinion went from not being sure I’d actually finish drinking the first cup to really enjoying the second. So, lesson learned on my part for the rest of my package of this Earl Grey as I drink it.

Bottom line: Definitely not your average Earl Grey.