Every now and then I get to test full sized products for free in exchange for my honest feedback and review. This week I got to try three of Baby Dove’s new Sensitive Moisture products with my baby compliments of Baby Dove and ChickAdvisor.

Baby Dove’s Sensitive Moisture lotion is a light moisturizer that applies very well and hydrates the skin well. It’s very gentle and fragrance-free (aside from a very slight ingredient related scent). It comes out of the bottle as thick as regular lotions but surprised me with how smoothly it applies. Its viscosity is thinner than the average lotion and it’s not greasy or sticky.

I actually found that in combination with the tip-to-toe wash, my baby didn’t need much of this lotion to hydrate her skin, so one bottle will go a long way for us! I also use a little of it myself on my own hands after bathing her and find it works well for me, too – and my skin is quite dry. It’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t irritate the skin at all.

While currently, it is a little pricey, this is a good lotion for sensitive skin, not just for baby but even for mom. I can understand these products costing a little more, as they have been carefully formulated to be non-irritating for very sensitive skin. Where cheaper lotions tend to, over time, leave dry skin even drier, this lotion doesn’t appear to do that – at least after a week’s worth of testing.

Disclosure: I received this lotion for free courtesy of ChickAdvisor and Dove for testing and reviewing purposes.