Every now and then I get to test full sized products for free in exchange for my honest feedback and review. This week I got to try three of Baby Dove’s new Sensitive Moisture products with my baby compliments of Baby Dove and ChickAdvisor.

This baby body wash is very different from the other body washes we’ve used and I (and my baby) really like it. It didn’t generate as many bubbles in the tub as expected but that’s not a big deal – what’s important is how well it works.

This body wash’s lather is SO thick and rich. It’s fragrance-free but does have a scent – it smells pretty much exactly like Dove’s classic bar soap. It cleans well and leaves our baby’s skin very soft, it also leaves her hair smelling very fresh and nice after her bath.

This wash doesn’t dry out the skin as some other products we’ve tried do. One issue I had with Johnson & Johnson was that I found their products terribly drying on my own skin. My baby didn’t seem to be affected by that, however..perhaps my skin is more sensitive than hers!

I like the clean, modern looking packaging of this line of products. The one thing I didn’t like was a small issue with the bottle’s pump. Once pressed down it takes a while to come back up, ready to press again. So if I want more than one ‘shot’ of the body wash at a time, I need to pull the thing back up and then press down. Not a -huge- issue but if it wasn’t just a case of a defective bottle, I’d like to see that issue resolved. Other than that, I’m really pleased with this product.

Disclosure: I received this Tip-to-Toe Wash for free courtesy of ChickAdvisor and Dove for testing and reviewing purposes.