Every now and then I get to test full sized products for free in exchange for my honest feedback and review. This week I got to try three of Baby Dove’s new Sensitive Moisture products with my baby compliments of Baby Dove and ChickAdvisor.

We’ve used the Sensitive Moisture wipes for all of the common baby cleaning purposes…diaper changes, cleaning her face, and so forth. They are textured and do a decent job of cleaning up bigger messes, but for a dirty diaper these are not a ‘one and done’ situation. It takes a couple, or even a few, depending on the mess. They are fragrance-free but there is a slight scent to them just from the ingredients.

I like the look of the packaging. This line has a clean and modern look. I noticed I need to be careful opening the wipe package, however, because it seems like it would be pretty easy to accidentally tear the opening right off the package as it shuts quite tightly.

These wipes don’t irritate my baby’s skin at all which is great. They’re a little bit thinner than I’d like to see, but they still work pretty well. For uses like cleaning your baby’s face, these are a good choice as they are hypo-allergenic and have a pretty soft texture.

Disclosure: I received these wipes for free courtesy of ChickAdvisor and Dove for testing and reviewing purposes.