There’s actually a large line of Grow Strong products, but I like to keep things simple so reduced it down to a basic two-step system of the shampoo and conditioner. Overall I’m pretty happy with these products but with one drawback that I’ll get into later on.

Firstly, these smell great. I really liked the scent of the shampoo, and the conditioner was quite similar in that regard. It was a stronger scent than in a lot of products I’ve tested but it wasn’t at all offensive, it was a really nice, fresh fruity scent that I don’t mind having linger on my hair.

The shampoo applied well with a good lather and rinsed out well. The conditioner is quite thick and the rinse was the problem for me with this product. I spent the same amount of time and effort rinsing the conditioner and thought I was done, but right after I got out of the shower I found out there was actually still a lot of product in my hair so I had to hop back in the shower and keep rinsing. So there’s something to be aware of with it, make sure you rinse well!

Grow Strong does score points for me with the end results. My hair was left looking really healthy and shiny without being weighed down. My hair’s naturally pretty dry and frizz prone but this shampoo and conditioner treated that very well and reduced the dryness and frizz dramatically. I also really liked how manageable¬†my hair is after using these, brushing goes much more smoothly after using these than most other products.

So overall, for the price, Fructis Grow Strong is a good choice for a regular shampoo and conditioner. My only hitch was with the conditioner and realizing it takes a little more time and effort to rinse fully. Other than that, I’m really pleased with the end results and the scent is great.