As I write this I’m actually enjoying another cup of The Great Canadian Tea Company’s Blue Lady blend. This is a new company to me, and I’m very much enjoying what I have tried from them, so far. While browsing their online shop, this blend piqued my interest.

Blue Lady’s ingredients include black tea, papaya pieces, pineapple pieces, calendula, cornflower, and sunflower petals, as well as natural flavours. I’ve tried many varieties of black tea before, but nothing quite like this!

The loose leaf is pretty, with a sweet and fruity aroma. The flower petals and fruit pieces add a lovely splash of colour and fragrance. It smells quite exotic and tropical. I’ve learned lately that most blends with fruit pieces tend to taste better with the water close to a boil, so I stop my kettle before it reaches a full boil with this one.

Steeped for several minutes, this blend takes a lovely golden red hue. The aroma is very pleasant. The flavours harmonize very well, neither the black tea, the fruit, or the flower petals overpowering the other aspects. I had expected that the black tea might take dominance over the other ingredients, but it actually served to enhance those other flavours. This is a very well balanced blend, and a smooth, refreshing cup of tea.

I’ve tried this blend hot, warm, and even cold. Unsweetened, and sweetened. My personal preference is hot to warm with a small amount of sugar.

Bottom line: A lovely tropical fruit and floral flavoured black tea.

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