Another delicious blend by The Great Canadian Tea Company is Arctic Raspberry. This is a black tea that features a fascinating sweet and fruity aspect from raspberry and mango pieces, complimented by floral notes from rose petals. The aroma of this tea is lovely – abundant, yet far from overpowering. The berry fragrance is fresh and inviting.

c11756217cd448b2827461a6eec63e5cUpon tasting, one is treated to a sweet and flavourful surprise. I allow this tea to steep for several minutes. It steeps to a pretty golden red. I’ve tried it both hot and cold, sweetened and unsweetened, and have enjoyed it each way. I felt that a little sugar enhanced the fruity aspect of this tea, and leaving it unsweetened kept more of a balance between the fruity and floral notes.

Although I’m not usually keen on iced tea, this blend is actually delicious cold. Many of the black teas I have tried reach a flavour peak while hot and then the flavour tapers off, fades or dies (the degree varies from tea to tea) as it cools. This blend, however, retains its flavour very well when cold. 9b7917e6d0e64e7d8354ed963adff893

Arctic Raspberry’s ingredients are black tea, mango pieces, rosehip, raspberry pieces, white tea, rose petals, and natural flavours. It has a medium caffeine content and a high antioxidant level.

If you like flavoured black teas, fruity green teas, or fruity and berry flavoured tisanes, this is definitely a blend worth trying. You can find Arctic Raspberry on The Great Canadian Tea Company’s website here.

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