Lady Londonderry by The Great Canadian Tea Company is a delightful cup. A black tea featuring a highly enjoyable flavour profile with strawberry, lemon balm, and floral notes too. While drinking one particular cup of Lady Londonderry, I was trying to think of descriptors for it. Ladylike, feminine, delicate, and sweet came to mind. Like this would be a blend that an aristocratic lady would drink. It definitely has an apt name.

1d8eda563f454a839ccbd7218c350798The aroma of this tea as I steeped my first cup was unique to me, and I tried to imagine what it would end up tasting like. Floral and sweet, the flavours blend together very smoothly and make for a great cup of tea. I really like the strawberry note in this blend, and the other ingredients work together very well. Of the four teas I’ve tried so far from The Great Canadian Tea Company, this one is my stand out favourite. They are all beautiful, high-quality teas, but this one just suits my own palette perfectly.

458a3638f1eb4e75a49bbbbb27d3b9a5Lady Londonderry’s ingredients are black tea, lemon balm leaves, strawberry pieces, calendula petals, sunflower petals, and natural flavours. It has a medium caffeine content and a high antioxidant level.

If you like flavoured teas and fruity or floral tisanes, you’ll want to give this one a try. I definitely recommend this blend. You can find it at the Great Canadian Tea Company‘s website, here.

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