As much as I enjoy trying all sorts of different teas, my favourite remains a good, versatile cup of black tea. Sinharaja by Golden Moon Tea is a great example of what makes for a high-quality black tea.

It has a lovely aroma and an excellent flavour with a sweet finish. I enjoy this blend very much and it ranks up top with the best black teas I’ve tried.

According to Golden Moon Tea’s website:

Sinharaja uses rich, dark tea leaves that are nourished by fertile rainforest streams in the hills of Ceylon. It has a toasty, molasses-like character with ripe berry notes and a caramelized finish.

I can agree with this description, especially with the ‘toasty, molasses-like character’. That was definitely there in the flavour profile. I personally found it had a bit of a smokey flavour as well…a rich, complex cup that works very well by itself or with a meal (and very good with dessert, of course).

I enjoyed this tea most sweetened with sugar. I found it could be steeped twice with great results – bearing in mind I prefer a strong flavour.

Sinharaja is a very good black tea. You can find it here on Golden Moon Tea’s website and try it for yourself.

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