I’ve done some exploring lately, checking out some tea from another brand that’s new to me, and that’s TOCHA Tea. I’ve tried two of the six artisanal blends they offer and will review both.

fbfd570cdcba41bc8d2b3159c9735133First I’ll share my experiences with Eden Oolong. First off, I have to comment on how pretty these tins are. They’re also sturdy and use a special seal ring that keeps the tea fresh without the need for plastic bags. They are recyclable, but I’ll personally be keeping mine and repurposing them.

TOCHA’s blends are unique on the market. Eden Oolong is unlike any of the other oolong teas I’ve tried in its flavouring and I really enjoy each cup of it that I drink. Even if you’re not so keen on floral blends, give this one a try if you can, it’s truly delightful. Eden Oolong’s aroma is like a blooming garden and the flavour, while definitely very fresh and floral, is also sweet and there’s a beautiful harmony of flavour here with the various notes. I found myself really enjoying this blend and eagerly looking forward to each cup.

Eden Oolong’s ingredients are: organic whole leaf oolong tea, organic lotus leaf, organic whole leaf jasmine green tea, organic rose petals, and organic osmanthus Flowers.


Another thing to note is that TOCHA’s sachets can be steeped multiple times. I find that if you use an 8oz cup, you should be able to get three, if not four, cups from each sachet, depending on how strong you like your tea.

Bottom Line: This was a lovely, delicious floral oolong that impressed me and I highly recommend. You can find Eden Oolong on TOCHA Tea’s website, here.

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