As well as trying TOCHA Tea‘s Eden Oolong, I also tried Serenity Lullaby, a chamomile blend. With a name like Serenity Lullaby, I was already thinking of bedtime and sleep, and a warm tisane to unwind with before bed is a nice treat.

Serenity Lullaby is, like TOCHA’s other teas, a unique blend. Containing chamomile, rose petals, osmanthus flowers and mint, there’s a complexity of flavour and richness here, despite the short ingredient list. I really like the mint note. It seems to enhance the floral aspects and harmonizes with them at the same time. The rose note is definitely discernable and works very well in this blend. I did find I liked a little sugar with this tisane, though some may find the addition of sugar too sweet, as there is inherent sweetness in Serenity Lullaby.


Although named Serenity Lullaby, this tisane doesn’t necessarily need to be reserved for bedtime. It would make a lovely cup to relax with anytime.

Serenity Lullaby, and TOCHA Tea’s other blends, come packaged in beautiful tins with a seal ring that allows them to avoid the use of plastic bags. Each tin contains 15 biodegradable pyramid sachets, and each sachet can be steeped multiple times.

Bottom Line: A lovely bed time tisane, or a great cup to relax with any time. If you like chamomile or rose florals, give this one a try. You can find Serenity Lullaby on TOCHA Tea‘s website, here.

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