After trying the Jeju Island First Flush Black Tea from Teas Unique, I was curious what the green tea from the region would be like, especially this blend with real pieces of mandarin orange. This tea is from the 2017 harvest. The pieces of fruit peel smell fresh and inviting, mingling with the vegetal notes from the green tea. It’s toasty and warm, yet fresh and springlike. There’s a bit of a nutty undertone here, and I’m not sure if it’s from the tea or from the mandarin peel pieces but it’s lovely.


I tried this tea using my usual teapot method and also with a gaiwan. I tend to prefer a teapot for black and green teas. I used the gaiwan method first, using about 4 grams of the blend per 60ml of water (the first couple of infusions I used 45ml) under a boil. Cooler water makes for sweeter tea, and that’s usually the direction I want to lean towards, especially with a green. The citrus aroma is sweet and mouthwatering.

I flash steeped the tea using a 15 second initial infusion, followed by 20 seconds, 30, 45, 1 minute, 1 and a half minutes, and finally 3 minutes. The results were impressively consistent over all infusions. A bright golden, slightly green liquor with just a hint of cloudiness. The flavour was more full and intense than I expected,  quite robust actually. The green leafy notes work together with the citrus to create a sweet, warm, soothing yet still a pick-me-up kind of cup of tea. A little of this blend will go a long way. I think it’d be great iced.

Using the teapot method I used the remaining 6grams I had to brew 12oz of tea, this time using slightly hotter water and a 2-minute steep time for the first infusion. The result was very much the same as with flash steeping, but as I used a greater quantity of water, this way hit the sweet spot for me. It was still bursting with flavour, but not with the same potency of the flash steeping method. Hotter water draws out some tart notes, and a little sugar works well too – sugar makes it taste like an orange creamsicle. For the second infusion with the teapot, I actually got distracted and ended up leaving it sitting in the pot for quite a bit longer than intended. Around 10 minutes later I hurried to pour it up, and I found that while it turned out quite strong in flavour, it was very drinkable and still very enjoyable.

This Jeju Island Organic Whole Leaf Green Tea with Mandarin Orange from Teas Unique is a great choice for green tea drinkers who want something with a punch of natural citrus flavour. Once again, Teas Unique has generously offered a 25% discount on the purchase of this tea for readers of this blog, so be sure to use code KRYSTAL25 to save on this tea! You can find it on Teas Unique’s website here.

(Sample provided for review. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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