Shanlinxi High Mt

This was a delightful and unique oolong. Shanlinxi from Fong Mong Tea is grown at an altitude of approximately 1200 meters, between Xitou and Ali mountain in Central Taiwan. The aroma is quite similar to other green Taiwanese oolongs, yet unique as well with a hint of floral and fruity scent.


I prepared this tea using a gaiwan with 2g of leaves. I used water at approximately 90 degrees Celcius, beginning with 30mls for the first couple of infusions, increasing the amount in 15ml increments as the leaves opened up. After a quick rinse, my first infusion was 15 seconds. The liquor was quite pale on this first infusion, but the flavour was there and abundant.

There is a creamy texture to this tea’s mouthfeel, but it’s not all that thick. More smooth and somewhat light, and very refreshing. The flavours are of course vegetal, floral, and fruity like apples and spring blossoms. My main impression however, is of honey, and that sweet honey note lingers in the aftertaste. I added 5 seconds with each subsequent infusion, once again finding that common thread of quality and consistency that I’ve found in the past with Fong Mong Tea. I continued on until the 8th infusion, by which the leaves seemed pretty spent. This is a delightful oolong!

I also tried this tea in a teapot using 4g of leaf for 12oz of water. This time around I opted for a lengthy 6 minute infusion time and was rewarded with a light yet flavourful and highly refreshing cup of tea. Using this method, I had two excellent infusions and I’m left impressed by this beautiful tea.

You can find Shanlinxi High Mountain tea at Fong Mong Tea‘s website here and try it for yourself!

(Sample provided for review. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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