Wenshan Baozhong

This Wenshan Baozhong from Fong Mong Tea is fascinating. The dry aroma is floral and very clean, smelling even a little like perfume…intriguing. This is a Pou Chong oolong, and is prepared using traditional methods.


For my first tasting of this particular tea I used a gaiwan. I used 2g of leaf, and gave them a rinse with hot water before infusing. To infuse, I used water at 85 degrees Celsius, and began with a 15 second infusion time. The liquor was yellow but somewhat pale. The flavour, I found, was a bit unique. It tastes even cleaner than it smells. There are definitely floral notes in here, and I also taste minerals, it’s sweet and this first infusion is a bit perfumey to. There’s a vegetal flavour at the heart of this tea somewhere between green beans and edamame. The flavour is light but very enjoyable and satisfying.

Continuing on, I add 5 seconds with each new infusion, and the liquor’s pale yellow hue begins to strengthen. I taste more floral and minerals. The mouthfeel is buttery and smooth yet there’s some astringency at the back of the mouth that lingers, to go with the lingering floral aftertaste. Using this method I continued to 9 infusions, letting the final infusion sit for several minutes. This final cup’s flavour was more mineral in nature, and a lovely note to finish off on.

Using a teapot, I also enjoyed this tea using 4g per 16oz of water, once again at about 85 degrees Celsius. This I infused for 6 minutes to get the full flavour. While it still made a lovely cup of tea, I think I prefer gaiwan for this one, personally. Using a teapot, I think this tea is best if resteeped 2 or maybe 3 times.

Wenshan Baozhong Taiwan Pou Chong Oolong from Fong Mong Tea can be found here.

(Sample provided for review. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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