Jasmine Scented

There’s a very good reason why jasmine is a popular flavour in tea. For those unfamiliar with jasmine, I really recommend trying it. I loved the springlike dry aroma of this oolong from Fong Mong Tea. As usual, I tried it using a gaiwan, and then afterwards tried it in a teapot.

With the gaiwan I opted for brewing using water at approximately 80 degrees Celsius. I used 2g of leaf and gave the leaves a quick rinse in hot water before steeping the first infusion, which I let sit for 15 seconds. The colour of the liquor was a pale golden yellow reminding me of straw. The flavour was richly floral sweet, the beautiful Jasmine at the forefront of springlike vegetal notes and a sweet cherry finish. There’s a bit of honey in here too.

This lovely flavour continued across all infusions as I continued, added 5 seconds to the steep time with each infusion. I think this might be my new favourite oolong, actually. by the 5th or 6th infusion I noticed some mineral notes starting to show through. That sweet floral and cherry has beautiful longevity. By the 10th infusion the mineral note was stronger and the other flavours were waning so I made that my last. By this point I was very impressed with this oolong.

For the teapot method I did my usual 4g of leaf for 16oz of 80 degree water and steeped it for 6 minutes. Again, from first sip to last I was thoroughly impressed with this tea. The first two infusions were fantastic, and the third was quite good as well. This tea would be a great choice for those who enjoy floral or fruity flavours, and who like things naturally sweet. You can find this beautiful Jasmine Scented Oolong at Fong Mong Tea‘s website here.

(Sample provided for review. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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