Alishan High Mt

Tasting a tea from Fong Mong Tea is always a pleasure. This time, I tried their Zhu Lu Alishan High Mountain Oolong. Unfortunately this particular tea appears to be sold out, but I can understand that, as it was a remarkable oolong.

I prepared this tea in a gaiwan using 2g of leaf and 30ml of water at 80 degrees Celsius to start, adding to the water amount as needed in 15ml increments when the leaves opened up. The liquor begins very pale, delicate, yet flavourful and creamy. A refreshing bouquet of light floral, verdant vegetal notes, something sweet and fruity but mostly honey. The honey is the dominant lingering aftertaste.

I infused these leaves 10 times for this tasting. The liquor remained pale throughout, deepening in colour just slightly as time went on, but the flavour is the real story here. Consistent, sweet, very much of a honey flavour and just a little bit of almond peeked out midway through the tasting. The mouthfeel is rich and creamy yet light at the same time. This was a highly enjoyable tasting that left me eager for more.

I also tried this tea in a teapot, and found it to take on a just a little bit more of a fruity flavour when prepared this way. I’m not sure which way I prefer, both were delightful!

I really hope this tea will come back in stock – it’s a beautiful oolong to be sure! I will link to the original page this tea was sold on, on Fong Mong Tea’s website. That page can be found here.

(Sample provided for review. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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