Tsui Yu Jade

I’ve come to have high expectations of these Taiwanese oolongs, and so far I have not been disappointed. Tsui Yu Jade from Fong Mong Tea was today’s choice. The dry aroma of these leaves was delicately floral and green. I tried this one both with short infusions in a gaiwan and in a teapot with a longer infusion time.


I used my usual method for the gaiwan, with about 2g of leaf, a rinse, and 30ml of water at approximately 85 degrees Celsius to begin infusing. I add water in 15ml increments as needed, making sure the leaves have space to open. I began with a 10 second infusion time, adding 5 seconds per steep for a pattern of 10, 15, 20, etc.

This is another oolong that produces a pale yellow liquor – very pale, with just a hint of green. The aroma is sweetly floral, reminding me of springtime and cherry blossoms, and maybe peaches, and a light mineral taste. The actual vegetal greenness of this oolong seems a little subdued, with the fruity and floral aspects front and center. The liquor is smooth and creamy, and my first impression is of delicacy. That’s the word I’d sum this tea up with, delicate. Sweetly floral and fruity, delicate and somehow light and airy.

The sweetness reminds me of cherries and peaches, also honey. It seems to intensify over the first 4 infusions. There’s something very clean about this tea, and also something like perfume. By the fifth infusion, the mineral note started to come forward more. The floral and fruity notes begin fading after infusion 7, leaving my final two infusions tasting more of minerals and foggy mountain air. This is a complex and intriguing cup, as I’ve come to expect from Fong Mong Tea.

In the teapot, with a 6 minute infusion time, I find this tea retains the delicate nature I found in the gaiwan, but with a bit more of a fruity nose and palate.

You can find this beautiful Tsui Yu Jade Oolong tea at Fong Mong Tea‘s website right here.

(Sample provided for review. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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