Four Seasons Oolong is a classic for a reason. I had the pleasure of trying this 2019 harvest Sijichun (Four Seasons) from jLteaco recently, and it lived up to every expectation. From the lightly golden colored liquor, to the fresh, vegetal, floral, yet fruity flavor, mouth mouthfeel and delightful squeakiness, this was a beautiful tea.

I pulled out my little teapot for this beauty, and enjoyed it using water at about 90 degrees Celsius, rinsing the leaves, and then enjoying 9 infusions total. I used 3g of tea, and started with 30ml of water, increasing in 15ml increments as the leaves opened up.

The first infusion was clean, fresh, and vegetal. Over the next couple of infusions, the flavor opened up and I found it to be floral with a light fruitiness, maybe a little honey? The vegetal note strengthened over the next few steeps. When I finished at the 9th steep, the leaves still had some left to give, I think, but my stomach was just too full for much more, so I called it a day.

This is a lovely tea, for any occasion. Even a hot summer afternoon like today. You can find it on jLteaco’s website, right here, and try it for yourself!

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