Ying Xiang

Hello there!

I’ve been absent, as you may have (or may have not) noticed. I want to apologize for how long it’s taken me to get to doing this review. I’ve been meaning to do it for quite a while. And while my sample of this particular oolong from jLteaco, formerly Fong Mong Tea, is from last season, this season’s harvest is available, and I’m sure it’s just as lovely.

I actually tried this tea a little while back, but it’s taken a while to get some time carved out to write about it. Ying Xiang is a premium oolong tea, with a golden colored liquor, and sweet and fascinating aroma and flavor.

I’ll have to admit I enjoyed this using a gaiwan and not a teapot. I did 10 steeps of this tea before calling it finished. This is one of those beautiful teas where the full flavor blooms with successive steeps, I found.

I used hot water at about 90 degrees Celsius, beginning with a 10 second infusion time. I added 5 seconds to each steep. The first infusion was on the mild side, but sweet and somehow perfumey.

Following steeps revealed more and more flavor, with notes of minerals and a vegetal note that got more and more sharp. The perfumey, citrusy note got stronger over the first several steeps as well. Eventually they began to fade, and the final infusion was soft, mellow, and quite mineral, lingering in the back of the mouth and throat.

This was a very clean, fresh, and delightful tea! You can find this year’s harvest on jLteaco’s website right here, and try it for yourself.

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