The next step on my tasting journey with Teas Unique‘s lovely offerings was this beautiful Boseong Joongjak Organic Whole Leaf Green Tea. This green tea has a mild, fresh spring vegetal fragrance with a delicious woody roasted note. This is an organic single estate tea, coming from Unrim village, in Boseong Country, Jeonnam Province, Korea. Harvested around April 21st 2017, it was hand plucked, wilted, steamed, rolled and then dried before being lightly roasted. The name ‘Joongjak’ means ‘medium beak’ and is the third harvest of the spring, with small spring leaves being what’s harvested.


I tasted this tea both using a teapot and using a gaiwan. Teas Unique recommends using 1 teaspoon of leaf steeped for 2 minutes in 6oz of 180F water. In my small teapot I used two teaspoons for 12oz of water and the recommended 2 minute infusion time. The liquor was a bright, clear spring green – quite lovely to look at.

If you’re the kind of tea drinker who likes potently flavoured green teas, this one will be a great one to try. To me it had a very umami/savory flavour, akin to a soup broth, with leafy vegetal, legume and stewed greens undertones. If you let it steep longer than two minutes, some bitterness starts to come out, so if that’s not your thing, be sure to watch the steep time. I also tried sweetening it with sugar, and that works well too. This tea is one of those where a little goes a long way. Using the guidelines, you’ll get a massive amount of flavour in your cup.


With the gaiwan I flash steeped, using a heaping teaspoon of leaf per roughly 90ml of water. Using this method I was even more impressed by how potent this tea is, because the liquor from the gaiwan was that much more concentrated. I started with a 30 second infusion time, then ended up keeping it about there (30 seconds) over 8 infusions. The flavours were pretty much identical to the teapot method, but amplified. A little bit sharp with the first few infusions. Mouthfeel was smooth yet slightly astringent. Maybe this could qualify as a Korean Gunpowder tea? At any rate it was surprisingly consistent over those 8 infusions, and could’ve been pushed even further.

This Boseong Joongjak Organic Whole Leaf Green Tea from Teas Unique is a fascinating taste of the spring harvest. You can find it here and try it for yourself! Once again Teas Unique has generously offered a 25% discount on purchasing this tea for readers of this blog, so use code KRYSTAL25 when checking out to take advantage of those savings! The code will be valid until July 25th, 2018.

(Sample provided for review. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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